IoT landing in CES 2020 Changhong arouses infinite imagination of Smart Family

On January 7, local time, CES 2020 opened in Las Vegas, USA. In 2019, the global economic growth will slow down, and the global household appliance industry will also face development pressure. Take the color TV industry for example, the performance in 2019 is not ideal, and the sales volume, sales value and average sales price have all declined. However, from the perspective of CES 2020, there are many surprises, and China's power still shows its strength.

In the central Pavilion, Changhong, as a business card of China's household appliances and smart home solutions, presents its achievements in artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data and other fields with the theme of "a better life for all things in the Internet of things", and focuses on the CHiQ 8K application based on AIoT The latest products, such as 8K smart TV, laser cinema, thin-wall refrigerator, air conditioner, etc., integrate the smart home appliances of the whole house through AI + IoT, realize the interconnection and mutual control of intelligent devices, and show the style of global smart home industry benchmark.


Global display, see a new vision of wisdom

"Internet of Everything" has been a frequently mentioned concept at present. With the vigorous development of AI, IoT, big data and cloud computing, it has become an irreversible wave of science and technology. From the current point of view, with the spread of 5g business and the user's demand for interactive efficiency and effect, a new trend is derived from the "Internet of everything", that is, "all things show" 。

IDC predicts that the market size of Internet of things solutions will reach 7.2 trillion US dollars in 2020. If the Internet of things wants to achieve rapid development, convenient interaction mode and information presentation are the key. The visualization of the screen gives its natural interactive convenience, and the screen will be adopted by more terminals in the Internet of things.

At the same time, high speed and low time delay enable 5g to organically connect the display screens scattered in different places, form interaction, and naturally integrate with the "Internet of all things", which makes the display more smooth, and also provides the possibility of realizing "all things display". In this regard, with the continuous development of "Internet of things", the explosion of display product application is irreversible.


Changhong has been in the forefront of the industry. On CES 2020, Changhong has created a new display technology system based on 8K, AI, IoT and other technologies, and described the development trend of the display industry in the future from the aspects of vision, scene, style and content. The first mini LED TV, curved surface TV and 8K Game TV have made TV plug in the wings of science and technology, which not only provides consumers with more services and imagination space, but also is the starting point of "global display" from the perspective of richer scene coverage.

Mini series mainly embodies the technical characteristics of strong sound quality and strong image quality. Equipped with 8K and mini led image quality, super large size combined with floor type shape design, it combines rational lines and rich levels of geometry to create a flexible sense of space and flexible spatial adaptability.

The CHiQ ARC TV series, which is different from other TV products, adopts the rounded screen technology which is different from other TV products, and gets rid of the rigid and cold impression of traditional TV products in the design dimension. The product absorbs furniture language and modular concept, and designs optional and variable bracket to adapt to different use scenarios, because it comes from life and can be integrated into home. The texture of terrazzo highlights the exquisite, simple and luxurious home fashion style to meet the aesthetic preference of young users.

By integrating the global thinking of Internet of things into terminal display products, Changhong not only completes the upgrading of product concept and ability in its own advantageous field, but also endows new value for smart family and better serves the better life.

Global IoT, a new experience of Smart Family

The evolution of TV products is the starting point of Changhong's smart home strategy. At present, TV products with more powerful capabilities have become the center of Changhong's home IoT platform, while smart home ecology has more abundant products, applications and services. From this point of view, the purpose of Changhong's "global display" is actually to better serve the "global IoT" in family life.

With the successful upgrading experience of TV products, Changhong has been continuously improving the capabilities of each terminal product in recent years, injecting multi-dimensional capabilities of AI and IoT into it to achieve active service and pursue the ultimate product.

On CES 2020, Changhong's products based on AIoT applications include not only CHiQ 8K smart TV, 8K Game TV, laser cinema, mini LED TV, ARC TV, etc., but also the latest white TV products such as thin-walled refrigerator and air conditioner covering key scenes of home.

Based on various terminal products and nodes, Changhong integrates the latest artificial intelligence, Internet of things and face recognition technology through technological innovation. Through CHiQ TV voice technology, it realizes the interconnection and mutual control with various intelligent terminals in the family, and brings a brand-new "technology + product + service" experience to the public.


In CHiQ life solution, based on artificial intelligence technology such as full space voice interaction, it can realize real-time interaction and real-time response with intelligent devices such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, air purifier, kitchen electricity, water purifier, curtain, security and other intelligent devices in the whole home, so as to realize the interconnection, mutual control of different brands of intelligent devices through IoT.

At the same time, the platform can not only realize the connection between CHiQ series TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, security system and other devices, but also can interact with third-party devices without hindrance due to the ecological opening characteristics, so as to meet the personalized experience of users.


Such changes make Changhong's smart family more full and innovative. With the in-depth application of AI + IoT, Changhong, on the one hand, realizes the interconnection of devices through AI enabling, and opens up various scenes of family life. On the other hand, it has opened up "people", "equipment", "e-commerce" services and health management with IoT, building a full category and full scene ecological operation mode, so that users can actually perceive a better life.

Opening up in an all-round way and expanding ecological extension

Technology + products + services, Changhong is making the imagination of Smart Family happen, while comprehensive opening, active cooperation and external empowerment will make the imagination of Smart Family infinite.

Changhong has a clear judgment on the era of "Internet of everythings": the diversity of user needs in the era of IoT leads to the diversity of equipment and follow-up services. The so-called "thousands of users are all different", to a certain extent, shows that the massive demand for fragmentation cannot be met by only a few companies, but requires a large number of enterprises including terminals, content, applications, services and other types of enterprises to work together. Large enterprises must be open-minded and industry responsible, and actively realize open cooperation and external empowerment in the global scope.

Opening up, cooperation and external empowerment are also Changhong's consistent adherence to the layout of smart families. From the perspective of CES 2020, Changhong's AI-link, which is committed to becoming the world's first-class supplier and solution provider in the field of wireless connection, has exhibited its super complete product lines and demonstrated its hard core strength. Among them, the newly developed IoT module for the first time reflects the extraordinary achievements of AI link in the field of mobile communication in 2019.

As an important global partner of Microsoft azure ecology, after successively launching the world's first Azure Sphere module, AI-Link released Azureminidevkitand Guardiandevice, which provides security solutions for IoT devices, around 2019.


Changhong wireless connection business has a global market share of more than 25% and a market share of more than 30% in the smart home segment industry. It has provided more than 280 million pieces of electronic products to mainstream enterprises at home and abroad to provide reliable connection services.

In the American market where CES is located, Changhong's business has developed rapidly in recent years, while technological and industrial innovation are also constantly explored. In terms of technology, the North American R & D center is the first overseas R & D institution directly under Changhong. The center was established in 2014 and located in the Silicon Valley Center of the United States. It is an important supporting institution for Changhong in the fields of incubation and cooperation of world leading technologies, establishment and development of strategic business partners, and marketing expansion of North American market.

It is understood that since its establishment, the North American R & D center has established cooperation in core electronic information technology, energy material technology and IoT technology, and has assisted Changhong Group with Microsoft, Qualcomm, T-Mobile and Amazon At the same time, it has incubated a number of excellent start-ups in core chips, energy materials, IoT security technology and products. Changhong North America also successfully introduced large screen display equipment into the North American market.

From "Economic Daily - China economic network"